Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What I'm Reading

I read this book a couple of weeks ago and really liked it. I like stories with happy endings and a moral. This one fit that and also had some drama.  At the end I found it was based on the life of a real person, which was an added benefit. 

I have  difficulty reading engaging fiction because I just want to keep reading instead of doing other necessary things such as sleep or housework or grocery shopping. I will speed read to find out what happens in the storyLater, I go back for more leisurely enjoyment.  I may read this one again tonight

Check out what others are reading at Judy's www.patchworktimes.com.

The Preacher's Bride 


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! It look like the kind of book I'd like.

  2. couldn't find an email link---so this will be a long rambling comment. Just seeing what everyone is reading. Then onto chickens. LOL--I come from the farm where we raised things we ate--including chickens. So what will you do with the hens when they quit laying (as they eventually do after 2 years or so) They don't quit completely--but usually they get replaced about that time. Yes--we ate ours. Canned lots of "old hens". Hard work but they make tasty soup. We didn't eat them all---LOL--my grandmother usually kept 1,500 hens at a time. When she sold them a truck would pick them up to take to the campbells soup factory. But--we always kept some to eat. And I've raised "meat" chickens. They grow so fast my dad would say you could stand there and see them grow. And my husband said nothing tastes better than home raised chicken. Even saying that--he tells me to buy my chicken at the store--raising and butchering chickens is just hard work! The knitting posts are always interesting--I don't knit but I love to see what everyone is making--especially socks!