Thursday, March 14, 2013

We Got Out First Eggs

Our White Leghorns are 17 weeks old and we got our first six eggs today.  That's pretty exciting. The challenge to make as many recipes from eggs starts now.  We have 23 hens.  If they each lay an egg a day - that's enough eggs to keep a person busy looking for new ways to use eggs.  

 I wish we had the where-with-all to raise "meat" chickens, but ... I don't know.  We tend to make pets out of everything. Although we do have one (meanie) rooster that would be a prime selection to be a special dinner guest. 

The chicken coop was finished just as the weather got cold.  We ran out of paint on the south side and I kept going to get more of the same paint, but it was never available.  It finally came in and then the weather was too cold for painting.  That will be a spring project right after the replacement / expansion of the chicken yard fence. I can't wait until tomorrow to see how many eggs we get.


  1. How very exciting! We keep family and friends supplied with eggs when we can. I love your coop. There's something about barn red. :)

  2. That is exciting...fresh eggs.. You can freeze eggs. I used to use ice cube egg per slot. If you like angle food cakes separate the whites and per cube. 12 cubes would make my cake recipe.

    1. Thanks, Julianne. I hadn't even thought about angel food cake and I love it. I've never been very good at making angel food, but maybe with practice ...

  3. How long before all your chickens are keeping all your neighbors supplied with eggs. =) A red barn coop is so cute!

  4. chickens are always entertaining. Want to have some fun--take a clump of grapes and toss them to the hens one at a time. Those hens act like its the juiciest bug they've ever seen--one runs and the 10 more give chase, and the 1st one can't stop to eat it--and it usually changes hands (beaks?) 5X before anyone gets a chance to eat it. And then you can toss the 2nd one....Yes--easily entertained here!! Are they all laying in the same nest? I've always wondered why THAT nest box was better than the 10 others they didn't want to lay in. And there's always the one hen that wants to lay in a corner or behind a feeder instead.

  5. Congratulations! I still haven't worked up to the idea of eating our chickens. The idea, I'm fine with -- the execution just ain't gonna happen. When our last batch of hens got old and stopped laying, I found another homeschooling mom who wanted to make soup and she took them off our hands.

    After reading Lori's comment, I'm going to have to get some grapes! :-) Ours slurp spaghetti.