Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day Two

I'm going strong. Wow, I've been blogging for two days and it seems like it was only yesterday that I started.

I'll just jot down what I did today. It's always good to write things down. I can always use help in the remembering department.

I'm working on getting the garlic planted. I ordered it online. Next year, I hope to be able to save some of what I grow to use for seeds. My dear husband has been busy, busy getting the garden beds ready for next planting season. I'll need to mark the beds I'm planting with garlic so it stays undisturbed next Spring. It takes about 9 months for it to be ready to harvest. I planted row 18 today.

You have to be careful with blogging. I was very proud of my shiny sink and freshly mopped kitchen floor. Yes, a picture - that's what I need. To get things into picture shape, I moved a few things, put a couple of things away, wiped off some smudges. In a hurry I grabbed the clorox bottle from the counter to get it out of the picture. Lifted it up to the shelf in the laundry room, the lid wasn't on well. It spilled on my hands and hair and clothes. Spotted clothes. Haste makes waste.

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