Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sock Knit Along

I'm pretty excited about the progress I've made on learning to knit socks. Judy L. at has a knit along going and I think I've finally got the flow of it for two socks at a time on two circular needles. I'd like to be knitting right now, but I just stopped in here at the computer long enough to update my progress on the knit a along. I'm headed back out to the garden. I may have ordered too much garlic, but since I have it, I guess I'd better plant it. Cold weather is hot on my heels so I'd better not slow down. I also have a few other garden chores on the before winter list. I'm sort of looking forward to the "too cold to be outside" weather, but today it's really beautiful out.


  1. Good luck on your socks--they look great in that pic!

  2. Have you ever knit 2 at a time? I bought the book and the yarn, but went right ahead and knit a pair of socks one at a time - just like always! But really, I do want to learn how to do 2 at a time this winter. Good luck on yours - mine took a month to do - off and on - and I figure that is a good speed for a small pick-up project. Cheers! Evelyn