Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day One

I'm trying a blog. Not real sure how committed I am. Will I write a few entries and then forget I even started it? We'll see how it goes. I need a picture of something. What's a blog without a picture? If a picture is worth a thousand words I've either got to think of alot of words or insert some picturs. Since I'm in a little of a rush today, a picture seems in order.
Ahh - Our garden. That's sweet potatoes, zinnias and chires (baby corn).
Let's see what was I doing before I stopped by the computer to check email? Oh, yeah, it was laundry, planting seeds for the greenhouse, vacuuming, making grilled cheese sands for lunch, knitting a swatch for a new pattern, trying to decide - What's for Dinner, finishing up that package of quilt scraps for Colorado Lady and some other stuff. I get distracted verrrry easily. Multi-tasking should be employed with caution.

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