Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Has Finally Arrived

Spinach has grown really well in the hoophouse

My new very sturdy garden cart
Spinach in the garden waiting patiently for sunny weather

I'm so happy to see Spring arrive if only by the calendar. We, as well as many others, are having a turbulent change of seasons. It's still wet and cool in our garden but the hoop house is doing very well. With this being our first season for the hoop house, we keep making mental notes of what to do differently next year. Cool season plants - spinach, lettuce, radishes, green onions, etc. have done so well we're thinking we'd like to have another bigger greenhouse for next year. It would be so fun to grow most of our vegetables.  

I have made some mistakes with the planting and learned some things. Now I know how important it is to label seeds as you plant. Similar to baby people, seedlings don't look alot like their grownup selves. I thought the kohlrabi was broccoli until the bulbous parts started growing. Since we are transplanting nearly everything, they start out in little mini-blocks. After the seed germinates and gets true leaves then they are moved to a bigger block and then out to the greenhouse until it can go in the ground. They get moved around quite a bit and in that moving some have temporarily lost their identity. I'm now using markers, which I think will help. 
My dear husband made this beautiful garden cart (in the picture) for me. He got the plans from this website.  This is a very well-thought out cart. It's easy to push and heavy duty enough that I can ride in it which means it can handle quite a few pounds. Ha Ha
Have a good day,


  1. I love the hoop house - great set up and sounds like it is doing very well for you. Oh, you are too funny - but nice cart for gardening.

  2. Nice pictures! I love your garden cart. I think the children said they got to ride in it, and they were pretty impressed that Dad made it.

    Thanks for bringing us all the salad!!