Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Here's our little (10' x 30') greenhouse that my husband designed and built. Pictures of wind collapsed greenhouses prompted us to put ours here behind the shop for some wind protection. 

There are three beds on one side and benches along the other side. The structure is made from top rail (the pipe used for chain link fence). You bend the top rail using a pipe bender. We got our pipe bender and greenhouse plastic from these folks in Texas. Lost Creek
We presently have one layer of 6 mil greenhouse plastic covering the frame, but plan to add a second plastic layer with an air space between the two for next winter. That white fluffy stuff in the picture is the cover that is pulled over the beds at night if it's below freezing. The fan at the end is thermostatically controlled to open the vents at the other end when the temperature reaches the set temperature (76). This winter when it was sunny but below freezing outside it would be over 80 inside. 

There are many hardy greens that will grow right through the winter. We had some this year and hope to have the greenhouse full next year.  Spinach, lettuce, radishes, green onions, arugula, mache (corn salad) are a few that will grow in the greenhouse with no additional heat. 


  1. Your greenhouse looks great! Nice to see the little plants growing. We'll have to come see it in person soon. ♥

  2. I love your all's greenhouse! And thank you for sharing a bit about how you built it. My Dad is hoping to build one for us sometime, and I'll have to pass this information on to him. :)

    I hope your plants are all doing well for you! We have some things started indoors under lights, and I can hardly wait until we can plant them out in the garden!