Friday, February 11, 2011


My little seedlings are growing. This is a variety of lettuce and Asian greens. After they germinate on the heated mat and get a little bit of green growth, they are moved to the 2 inch block of soil.

Due to the freezing weather, these plants are continuing to stay in the house. They would like more sun instead of the  big window and grow lights. Fortunately, I hear that we should get some warmer temperature and sunshine real soon.  

I"m looking forward to getting to know some new vegetables. Many of the garden farmers who are growing in hoop houses are growing Asian greens, all kinds of lettuces, beet greens, Tuscan Kale, etc.and harvesting at baby size to get a tender, sweeter salad mix. In less than a month I plan to be eating baby salad greens from our small unheated hoop house.


  1. Hello, Mrs. Ava Louise! I have enjoyed visiting your blog and also reading of your gardening ventures. Joy had shared on her blog a photo of your greenhouse, and that must be so nice to have! We still haven't started any seeds indoors yet, but this post was inspiring to do it soon.

    I hope your garden does very well for you this year! And I look forward to seeing what all you share on your blog about it. :)